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what is a glyph

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What is a glyph?



A Glyph is a row in your database or a page in your CRM. Rather than seeing a “dot” on a scatter plot, imagine seeing all of the relevant data you have on a student, just by zooming in.

Glyphs are placed in 3D space relative to each other putting all of your data into one holistic view - complementing - not replacing - the data analytics tools you already have. No more flipping between dashboards.

See more. Faster. And, envision the invisible insights in your data.

Applicants - legend.png

Glyph-based data visualization is based on two decades of research into how the mind works to understand the world around it. Simple shapes and color coding quickly give users the complete picture of a student - from demographic information, to high school type, to whether they are the first in their family to attend college.

Then you can easily compare this student to their entire cohort. And, you don’t have to be a data scientist. Glyphs are intuitive, and most users comprehend the meaning of the shapes and colors quickly and more easily than other visualization tools.

In the visualization below, you can compare your applicants to others that were successful in prior years, or balance your pool of applicants across a variety of known success factors.

Global Admissions.png

GlyphEd™ complements your current processes, and allows your team to more quickly find new insights across:

Recruitment • Retention • Research • Real World Curriculum