A GLYPHKIT IS A “KNOWLEDGE INSIGHT TOOL” or a collection of pre-built visualizations that solve a problem or answer a specific question.


You likely already have data visualization tools that produce analytics in the form of bar-charts, scatter plots, and heat maps. But, GlyphEd offers a different solution.

Take a look at our customized GlyphKits for your most important applications:


Enrollment management

By integrating with your existing IT infrastructure, GlyphEd provides a dramatically different way to view a student’s potential that incorporates all the data known about a prospect / applicant / student in one view. It does the same with research data allowing you to see what you have been missing and to know more, faster.

GlyphKIT Enrollment Management allows you to:

  • Interact with data, discover insights, and make informed decisions quickly.

  • Benefit from – rather than be overwhelmed by – your enrollment management data.

  • Increase objectivity and eliminate potential bias when reviewing applicants.

  • Accelerate and improve informed decision making.


Student Success & Retention

GlyphEd's Student Success & Retention GlyphKIT allows users to more quickly discover insights in student data to understand the underlying factors of student retention and attrition.

Gannon University used the Student Success & Retention GlyphKIT to improve their retention rate by 5% and add two million dollars back into their budget.

With the Student Success & Retention GlyphKIT, you will:

  • Quickly discover fresh insights in retention data to understand students’ experiences.

  • Reveal answers to questions you haven’t thought to ask.

  • Uncover reasons why certain students may be at a higher risk of attrition, so you can take action early.


Research & Curriculum

GlyphEd is being used at multiple universities and colleges within the data science and other departments to help students visualize their research. GlyphEd works closely with educators to incorporate this solution into their curriculum and classroom, and offers special pricing for students and professors.

GlyphKIT Curriculum allows students to:

  • Learn principles of data science while visualizing data.

  • Expand their access to relevant data science tools.

  • Analyze their data in a unique way that eliminates bias and increases objectivity.

The proliferation of data can be both a blessing and a curse. More data allows researchers to investigate topics like never before. The challenge, quite often, is where to start? GlyphEd’s GlyphVIEWER allows researchers to quickly discover insights in both raw and analyzed data - and virtually eliminate bias in the process.

With GlyphKIT Research, scientists and researchers can:

  • Quickly and effectively discover important factors within raw and analyzed data.

  • Eliminate bias in data analysis.

  • Discover anomalies and research pathways not originally explored.

  • Uncover hidden insights in your data that strength research outcomes.

“Yeah, it’s not that hard; just start pointing . . . I didn’t need help finding the at-risk students. They were everywhere. I needed to better understand why the systems and processes in our college were not already helping them.”