GlyphEd Named Enrollment Management Solution of the Year

ALEXANDRIA, Va., June, 17, 2019 -- GlyphEd™, the leading provider of interactive data visualization and discovery technology for colleges and universities, today announced that they were selected as Enrollment Management Solution of the Year for the 2019 EdTech Breakthrough Awards. This newly developed award recognizes the creativity and success of companies and their products in the field of educational technology and looks to provide them with a platform for recognition in the educational industry.


“GlyphEd is taking a very different approach to data visualization with a solution designed specifically for the higher education market,” said Mark Sloan, CEO of GlyphEd. “This award validates this technology and approach by recognizing the dramatic success we are helping our customers achieve for students simply by being able to better understand and act upon their existing data.” 


GlyphEd is part of a joint venture between the University of Notre Dame. The team partners with companies such as Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) who offer the capabilities of GlyphEd’s software to their own educational customers. 

“In today’s environment, school administrators, staff and faculty are inundated with data, analytics and reporting. But, the ability to see it all at once, all in one place, to provide the necessary insights into that data is what is typically missing. GlyphEd’s software allows institutional leaders to bring in data from multiple sources to see a total view of any student population,” said Todd Abbott, senior vice president, RNL. “GlyphEd is truly a game changer in data visualization. We’ve all been looking at just the X and Y axis for too long. Now it’s time to meet the Z axis!”

Previous recipients of the Tech Breakthrough awards, organizers of the EdTech Breakthrough Awards include Cisco, Dell, and Sprint.

GlyphEd’s data visualization and insight discovery software provides a 3D representation of data, allowing schools to incorporate all known data into one intuitive and holistic view that allows admissions officials and other school leaders to make strategic decisions to help increase student success. GlyphEd’s software helps universities and colleges find, enroll and retain the best students. It also serves as an important asset in the data science curriculum and to researchers looking to gain additional insights from and eliminate bias in their data.  


About GlyphEd

A joint venture between the Universityof Notre Dame and SynGlyphX, GlyphEd is transforming the way colleges and universities interact with data to discover insights and make informed decisions. GlyphEd’s innovative approach to data visualization is being applied to Enrollment Management; Retention & Student Success; Academic Research; and Data Science Curriculum. GlyphEd software is in use by faculty, students, researchers and administrators – and is credited with attracting non-traditional students, optimizing recruiting travel spend, improving retention; discovering a lifesaving insight in a patient medical study; and improving a student’s performance in the video game Counter Strike. GlyphEd sits on top of existing IT investments in CRM and other systems and data – allowing colleges and universities to get a greater return on IT investments.

Brad Lewis