By integrating with your existing IT infrastructure, GlyphEd provides a dramatically different way to view a student’s potential that incorporates all the data known about a prospect / applicant / student in one view. It does the same with research data allowing you to see what you have been missing and to know more, faster.

GlyphKIT Enrollment Management allows you to:

  • Interact with data, discover insights, and make informed decisions quickly.

  • Benefit from – rather than be overwhelmed by – your enrollment management data.

  • Increase objectivity and eliminate potential bias when reviewing applicants.

  • Accelerate and improve informed decision making.

Prospects View (Geo-Spatial)

Prospects View (Geo-Spatial)

Prospects and High School (Geospatial)

Prospects and High School (Geospatial)

This Knowledge Insight Tool or (KIT) contains a collection of visualizations that address the enrollment management funnel:

  • Includes Marketing and Recruiting

  • Prospects View (Geo-spatial)

  • Prospects and High-schools View (Geo-spatial)

  • College Board

  • Environmental Context View (Geo-spatial) must be subscriber to College Board data set

  • Includes Admissions

    • Global Admissions View

    • Individual Reader Applicant View

    • Review Committee View