Who we are



It’s not about what you see, it's about what you can’t see in your higher education data.

Recruiting. Retention. Research. All priorities of higher education institutions. Preparing students for successful integration into the Real World. There is no time to misstep or miss out on supporting students through the entire lifecycle.

Unlocking the essence of your data—the high-impact insights that can help you improve student and research outcomes —is where GlyphEd excels.

Founded in 2017 as a joint venture of data visualization innovator SynGlyphX and The University of Notre Dame, GlyphEd is transforming the way colleges and universities interact with data to improve student, researcher, and university outcomes. It is the only visualization tool built for higher education to provide true insight into all of your data in one place. We eliminate the bias in data by showing you the objective, invisible insights hidden in your vast data stores.

GlyphEd’s elegant architecture complements your existing infrastructure, to enable you to see all of your data in one powerful, albeit odd-looking graphic, which we call a Glyph.

GlyphEd software is delivering powerful results to faculty, students, researchers and administrators at leading universities nationwide. We help universities glean insight and make better decisions to improve the entire student lifecycle.

No more dashboards! You have Glyphs!