A Challenge To Achieving College Retention Goals – What Else Is New?

Simply put, the costs of admitting a new student is higher than retaining a current student.  In the U.S. and beyond, colleges and universities are faced with the challenge of improving student retention rates while also addressing the financial implications of investing in students who might not complete their education. Withdrawal and dropout from college can mean a financial loss of approximately $40,000 per student.

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Maybe the fundamental concept of a dashboard is just not a good one. Hear me out-- If a car can't get you to where you are going, you don't attach another car to it to get you the rest of the way there, right? The best revolutions have come out of looking at doing things in a totally new way. For example, the car was invented because someone decided at a certain point faster horses just didn't make sense anymore. The plane was created because at a certain point ground travel was an inefficient way of going long distances. Thinking along these lines, shouldn’t there also be a revolution for how we’re visualizing data in a time where data overload is almost every industry’s main concern?

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