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Holistic View

GlyphEd provides a single visual representation of all your admissions, retention, financial aid or research data, leveraging your existing investment in systems while amplifying your level of insight.

Seamless Integration

GlyphEd’s elegant architecture complements - not compromises - your existing data infrastructure allowing you to experience a single view of multiple data sets in a quick and seamless manner.


Share insights across your team and between university departments. With a built-in chat function and visualization sharing features, no one is in the dark.

Successful outcomes

Unlock new information from traditional student success metrics and research results. GlyphEd delivers insight into the invisible information that will help you find, place and retain the right students, or uncover hidden insights in scholarly research.


Eliminate bias throughout the higher educational experience by visualizing the definition of a successful student or research assumptions in a whole new way. GlyphEd is the only solution to provide insight into the deeper essence of your data - helping you maintain objectivity.

Democratize Data

Let everyone on your team understand data like a data scientist and create a data-informed culture leading to more thoughtful decision making.